Date October 12, 2018 / By Astrid


BLF spends almost half a year to complete this new item, LED linear downlight. There are two types in this series: recessed type and slide-way type.

Main specifications:

* Data: UGR<13 anti-glare, CRI>80 or CRI>90 optional, 15/30/45 degree optional;

* Precise and homogeneous illumination, high flexibility to any architectural concept;

* UGR<13, the beam angle of 15°/30°/45°optional, available for various applications;

* Deep recessed, great light and high visual comfort, excellent effect;

* Innovative die-casting aluminum radiator design, better heat dissipation performance;


Upgraded item:

* Rotatable 180° in a vertical direction, 360° in a horizontal direction;

* Great light and high visual comfort, excellent effect;


It could be widely used in:

* Residential: Home decoration, dining room, hallway;

* Architectural: Exhibition center, museum, concert hall, art gallery;

* Commercial: Shopping mall, jewelry shop, showcase, restaurant, hotel, club;

* Extensively applied in backlighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting.


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