• LED T Bulb Aluminum Type

    QP3xxA Series

Product Information

A great potential opportunity you can not miss. It is the perfect replacement of corn lamp, CFL lamp, a mercury lamp, sodium lamp, or metal halogen lamp for industrial lighting or commercial lighting.

Main Data

220VAC, 2700-6500K, Ra>80, chip SMD2835, beam angle 270°

High brightness Energy Saving

Efficacy up to 130Lm/W

Heat sink / LED chip PCB

Aluminum fin design

360° waterproof




  • Fin radiator design, great heat dissipation performance;
  • Reliable LED driver with an extended lifespan, 2 years warranty;
  • LED identification over the diffuser (Milky color): >85%;
  • Working/Storage temperature: -20°C~50°C / -35°C~85°C;
  • LED chip junction temperature: <85°C;
  • Housing surface temperature: <75°C.

Product Benefits

With 13 years of hard work and continuous innovation of products we have today become a reputed LED light manufacturer in China who has been successful in winning the trust of many of its clients, providing them with superior quality products at legitimate cost.

Gentle Lights

Stable gentle lights, good for eyes


Aluminum enclosure, good cooling, 2 years warranty

Instant Light

Instant 100% light, no warm-up time

Long Life

 30+ years durable long life span at 3 hours per day

High CRI

More than 80Ra, reflecting true and natural color


Eco-friendly, no mercury, infrared or UV rays

LED T Bulb premium high quality for industrial application


Residential lighting for the living room, bedroom, home office.

Commercialillumination for restaurant, school, office, and hotels.

Industrial lighting replacements as small high bay.

Product Family Group
Product code Watt Size Luminous flux Efficacy Power factor Claimed equivalent power
BLF-QP309A 9W D60*122mm 990lm 110Lm/W >0.9 90W
BLF-QP312A 12W D60*122mm 1,320lm 110Lm/W >0.9 120W
BLF-QP315A 15W D70*128mm 1,650lm 110Lm/W >0.9 150W
BLF-QP320A 20W D80*155mm 2,200lm 110Lm/W >0.9 200W
BLF-QP324A 24W D80*155mm 2,640lm 110Lm/W >0.95 240W
BLF-QP330A 30W D100*185mm 3,300lm 110Lm/W >0.95 300W
BLF-QP340A 40W D120*215mm 4,400lm 110Lm/W >0.95 400W
BLF-QP350A 50W D150*260mm 5,500lm 110Lm/W >0.95 500W
BLF-QP360A 60W D150*260mm 6,600lm 110Lm/W >0.95 600W
BLF-QP380A 80W D160*265mm 10,400lm 130Lm/W >0.95 1000W
BLF-QP3100A 100W D160*265mm 13,000lm 130Lm/W >0.95 1300W
  1. Before installing or replacing a bulb, the power supply must be shut down to ensure safety.
  2. Please get theLED Bulb up and firmly screw it into a lamp holder, with clockwise oriented.
  3. Toggle the wall switch to turn your LED bulb on.
Matters Need Attention
  1. During the installation, do not touch the metal parts of the holder to avoid possible electric shock.
  2. During the installation, hold the bulb body, rather than the cover to avoid the breakdown or cover falling off.
  3. During the installation, do not screw or unscrew the bulb by brute force to avoid the breakdown or cover falling off.
  4. Not suitable for dimming, do not operate with traditional dimmer, electric switches, and remote controls.
  5. Use only for interior lighting.
  6. Use only in specified nominal voltage and temperature range.
  7. Cannot be used in fully enclosed lamp fixtures.
  8. To avoid using nearby the hot, high humidity, or heat source place, where has the corrosive gas.



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